Donatas Simkus is a highly recognised professional in obtaining a leading position and supreme knowledge in fitness lifestyle coaching  and nutrition. Published online and in many magazines, featured on radio and television. Well known for transforming his body in 2 years from skinny-fat to fitness champion.

Donatas Simkus has achieved a profound development in a physical growth and spiritual approach. Someone, who is continuously progressing to succeed the highest possible level in fitness lifestyle and different perception to life itself. Donatas Simkus is providing an experienced coaching service and sharing his reliable knowledge in writing blogs how to reach a perfect physique and to engage a healthy, satisfied, fit and happy life, just like he does.

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I was a 'skinny-fat' boy which has an outcome of having everyday habit eating "bad food" and living unhealthy life in general. However, I always had a dream to look good, but never had enough volition to continue any kind of sport or even simply training at home.

One day I decided to follow one of my dreams, to study in London. I moved in a city of England and after some time decided just simply join a gym without any particular purpose but still with a hidden intention to look better, feel better and believe that it might help to relieve everyday stress. Slowly I discovered that the active life I have started is giving me more benefits and positive feelings, I felt more confident in general. I have to admit it wasn't easy at the beginning, it required strength and volition. But I never gave up, I was keep going towards a different perception to life and wellbeing itself, because I had a strong believe and a desire to feel better, to look better. It built invisible results, the outcome of my dream became "visible", I felt and looked so much better. I didn't want to stop. Walking step by step along the active life I realised it became a part of me, it became my passion. I have started studying about nutrition and training, later I added supplementation. It took me quite a while to learn and discover the right and suitable methods to find a balance of fit look and healthy eating. My aim lead me to a thought to compete and take a step into the professional fitness industry.

Persuasion and strong believe in strength a gained from "never give up" attitude awarded me with a wish to compete to Miami Pro show for the Fitness Model under 75kg in October 2013. No-one believed, but I did from all of my being. It took me 10 months of hard work and strength of pushing myself as hard as I possibly could towards my dream. It was the most challenging and hardest time of my life preparing for that competition. It gave me the greatest experience I could ever imagine. 

And my dream came true.. I placed the 1st in my category.  I felt unconditional satisfaction and happiness.. And even stronger believe that there is nothing impossible. 







Deadlift 170kg x1
Squats 110kg x4
DB Press Flat 44kg x8
Close BB Press 70kg x7
Military Press BB 60kg x12,
Shoulder Press DB 30kg x8
Curls BB 45kg x6
Hammer Curls Singles 22kg x5

Last Updated: 29/01/2015