How do you make the most of your time and stay productive? You know the answer to that: tools and apps that help you work faster and smarter. I’ve collected 18 of the best Chrome apps for productivity that will save you time and effort every day, so you can focus on what really matters.

Security & Productivity

Privacy & Productivity

Save Time & Productivity

Time Management & Productivity

  • RescueTime – Track and Monitor Activity Across Devices

Marketing Tools & Productivity

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Security & Productivity


There are a lot of password management tools out there, but our favourite is BitWarden. It’s available as a Chrome extension, and it’s great for keeping track of all your different passwords. Plus, it has a built-in password generator, so you can create strong passwords for all your different accounts. Create an account.

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere

If you’re not using HTTPS Everywhere yet, you should be. This extension, created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, forces your browser to use HTTPS security on sites that offer it. That means your data will be better protected from hackers and snoopers. HTTPS Everywhere is available for free on the Google Chrome store. Add to Chrome.

Privacy & Productivity


If you’re looking for a VPN extension for Chrome that will help boost your productivity, Surfshark is a great option. With this extension, you can encrypt your traffic and stay safe online. Plus, it can help you access blocked websites and content. And if you’re working in a public Wi-Fi hotspot, the Surfshark extension will keep your data safe from hackers.

The Surfshark extension is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Create an account.

Temp Mail

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of signing up for a new service, and you need to provide an email address. But you don’t want to use your primary email address because you know they’re just going to spam you with marketing emails. That’s where Temp Mail comes in. Temp Mail is a disposable email service that allows you to generate a temporary email address that you can use for those situations where you need to provide an email address but don’t want to use your real one. Add to Chrome.

Fair AdBlocker

Tired of seeing ads everywhere you go? With Fair AdBlocker, you can browse the internet without seeing a single ad. This extension blocks ads on websites, including Google products like YouTube and Gmail. Plus, it doesn’t interfere with other chrome apps or extensions. So you can continue using your favourite productivity tools while blocking annoying ads. Add to Chrome.

Save Time & Productivity


Grammarly is my favourite and best chrome extension. A free grammar checker and writing app that’s available as a Google Chrome extension. It can help you streamline your writing by catching errors and making suggestions for improving your grammar, spelling, and style. Plus, it can also help you improve your writing by providing you with real-time feedback on your progress. Add to Chrome.


This extension is great for when you need to focus on a task but keep getting distracted by other tabs. With Snoozz, you can snooze tabs and windows for later, and they’ll come back when you’re ready to work on them. This way, you can stay focused on what you’re doing without being pulled in different directions. You can also customize the notifications that will remind you of your pending tasks. There are various levels of reminders that range from gentle pings to loud alarms depending on how long ago the tab or window was snoozed. Add to Chrome.

Clipboard History Pro

Clipboard History Pro is one of the best productivity tools because it allows you to keep track of everything you copy and paste. This is especially useful when you need to fill out forms or gather data from multiple sources. Plus, it’s free and easy to use! Add to Chrome.


One of my favourites is Pocket, which allows you to save articles and videos to read or listen to later. This is perfect for when you’re commuting or have some downtime at work. Plus, it’s completely free! Add to Chrome.

Google Translate

If you’re working on a project that requires a lot of research, the Google Translate extension can be a lifesaver. Just highlight the text you want to translate and click the extension icon. You can also use it to quickly translate entire web pages into your native language. Add to Chrome.

Google Dictionary

One of the best things about Google Dictionary is that it’s available as a Chrome app and an extension. This means you can access it from anywhere, whether you’re using your browser or your phone. Plus, it integrates with other Google products like Translate and Search. And it’s free! Add to Chrome.


GoFullPage is one of the best chrome extensions for productivity. It allows you to take a full page screenshot of any web page. This is extremely useful when you need to capture an entire page for later reference or share it with someone. The extension also allows you to edit the screenshot and add annotations before saving it as an image. Add to Chrome.

Adblocker for Youtube™

This chrome extension allows you to block all ads on YouTube, making videos shorter and less likely to hold your attention for too long. The best part is that this extension works with almost any browser (only desktop/laptop), so even if you don’t use Google Chrome, you’ll still be able to enjoy ad-free YouTube! Add to Chrome.

Time Management & Productivity


RescueTime is an activity and browsing tracker that can help you boost your productivity by helping you see where you spend your time online. The extension runs in the background and keeps track of your activity, then gives you a report at the end of the day so you can see where you spent your time and how productive you were. Create an Account.

Marketing Tools & Productivity

Keywords Everywhere

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your SEO keyword research, Keywords Everywhere is a great option. This Google Chrome extension allows you to see monthly search volume, CPC, and competition data for any keyword right in your browser. Plus, it’s free to use! Add to Chrome.

ColorPick Eyedropper

This is one of the most popular chrome apps and for a good reason. It allows you to quickly and easily get the colour values from any web page. It’s great for designers or anyone who needs to grab colours from an image. Plus, it’s free! Add to Chrome.


If you’re curious about the technology behind a website, WhatRuns is a great extension to check out. It tells you what scripts, fonts, and other resources are used on a site. This can be helpful if you’re trying to troubleshoot a problem or replicate a design. Plus, it’s just interesting to see what goes into making a website work! Add to Chrome.

Link Redirect Trace

If you’re looking for a way to boost your productivity, try using Link Redirect Trace. This Google Chrome extension allows you to see where a link is going to take you before you click on it. This can save you time by helping you avoid clicking on links that lead to nowhere or take you to a site that’s not relevant to what you’re looking for. Link Redirect Trace also allows you to customize your settings so that you can choose which links you want to trace and which ones you don’t. Add to Chrome.


What is Chrome Extension?

Chrome Extension is a program that can be installed on the Google Chrome browser that extends the functionality of the browser. There are extensions for a variety of purposes, including productivity.

How to add extensions to chrome?

You can add extensions to Chrome to get more done. Here’s how:
1. Open the Chrome Web Store.
2. Find and select the extension you want.
3. Click Add to Chrome.
4. Some extensions will let you know if they need certain permissions or data. If you’re okay with giving an extension access, click Add extension.

How to pin extensions in chrome?

Chrome extensions can be a great way to boost your productivity. But with so many options, it can be hard to know which ones to use. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best chrome extensions for productivity. And to make things even easier, I’ve also included a step-by-step guide on how to pin extensions in chrome. So you can always have quick access to the ones you need.

Are chrome extensions safe?

Yes, chrome extensions are safe. In fact, they can be a great way to boost your productivity. Here are some of the best chrome extensions for productivity

How to disable extensions in chrome?

You can disable extensions in Chrome by going to the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of your browser.

Then, click on More Tools, which will open up a drop-down menu. From there, select Extensions. This will take you to a page where all of your extensions are listed. To disable an extension, simply click the toggle switch next to it.

How to create a chrome extension?

There are a few things you need to do in order to get started. First, find an idea for a chrome extension. Next, come up with the icon and title for the extension and then create the manifest file. After these steps, click on the New Extension button from the Chrome Web Store and type out what your new app will do.

The last step is to publish it! Simply fill out the form and add the metadata that describes your extension. If you want people to be able to install your extension without having to visit the Chrome Web Store, make sure that you select Allow installation from unpacked extensions (you’ll also have to upload an .crx file).

Then click Create Manifest after all of this is done. Finally, be sure that any information shared on social media channels matches what was typed into the manifest so there are no mistakes when submitting it.

Where are chrome extensions stored?

Chrome extensions are stored in the Chrome Web Store. You can access the store by going to chrome://extensions/ in your Chrome browser. Once you’re there, you can browse through the available extensions and add them to your browser.

Is Google killing Chrome extensions?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Google killing Chrome extensions. While there’s no concrete evidence that this is true, it’s still worth investigating whether or not your favorite productivity-boosting extension will be around for much longer. Here are 18 of the best Chrome extensions for productivity, just in case you need to find a new extension in the near future.

Can Google Chrome extensions be malicious?

Yes, Google Chrome extensions can be malicious. In fact, malicious extensions are one of the most common ways for cybercriminals to infect your computer.

Do Chrome extensions affect performance?

While Chrome extensions can be helpful in boosting productivity, they can also affect performance. When installing extensions, be sure to check reviews and ratings to get an idea of how well the extension performs. Also, be mindful of the number of extensions you have installed, as too many can slow down your browser. If you notice your performance declining, try disabling or removing some extensions.