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The Best Shopify Apps to Build Functional Website

Not all apps (plugins) take into consideration the number of request need to be made and the quality of the code. I would like to share my personal experience and save your time as I have done multiple tests to find the best apps which work for me and it very well could work for you too.

Our most important and best apps to drive sales, adding significant features and engaging with a customer are (not in any particular order):

  • Fomo: providing sales and reviews notifications. We can display time, location who bought it with a picture and link to the product.

  • Beans (referral link): rewards loyalty program. We can reward for, creating an account, referring a friend and accepting an invitation from a friend, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or customer birthday. (Waiting for a new addon to reward customers for visiting our shop.)

  • Custom Order Status: we can provide better insights on how long is left to complete an order and at that stage is equipment at. Most of our equipment is made to order so we have an option to let customers know how many weeks left to complete (10-1 weeks). Later, we have other stages such as testing, painting, packing, waiting for collection, in transit. We provide tracking link to see the location of every delivery now.

  • Unlimited Product Options: we have struggled to find good options app. We are happy with all the functionality it does bring to us. We were quite satisfied with an app and got surprised to know developers discontinued and not supporting it anymore. Seems like their building something new to come around April. If there were not happy with a good app, it would be something impressive.

  • EasyTabs – Product Description Tabs: we wanted some flexibility to display things individually or by particular rule on a description tab, and this does it all and looks great. Could get confusing on multiple groups of the products.

  • Free Shipping Bar by Hextom: we can inform customers about free priority shipping for orders over £500 and a special offer for over £5000 for those who are looking to expand the gym or set up a new one. Our all equipment comes with free shipping as standard, but we do priority shipping for those customers in a hurry with a little charge.

  • Hull Social Login: the only function we use is social login, but it has some more to offer. (some people complained about, I have not had any problems so far)

  • Product Reviews (referral link): the best and most flexible app we came across at a reasonable price, and we have tried quite a few. Automation process makes it easy to use, it sits there and does the job. Received great support to customise for our needs too.

  • Order Deadline: have installed but still not ready for our needs at the time of writing. It will be like Amazon look accurate shipping and dispatch information for the product displayed.

  • Shogun Drag & Drop Page Builder: with this app, we able to create pages to look much better than native Shopify pages can do without almost none of the code knowledge. Similar to Squarspace drag and drop.

  • Shopkeeper Magic Button: we can jump straight from our website to the Shopify platform. Like from our page to Shopify page and our product to Shopify product.

  • Smart Search & Instant Search: allow us to show products, pages and blogs while typing. Correct misspelt words suggest some products and even promote it. We can integrate with to show reviews too.

  • Smart Tags: we can automatically tag by price. We can set some rules to auto-tag, but it does have some limitations. Hopefully, soon will improve.

  • Smart SEO: an essential app for our SEO. It fundamentally transforms all our info and crunches it all for Google. It can show information differently for every collection, product, page… We have suggested few things, and in a month or two we have all implemented. A great app already but promised to improve even more.

We also use other apps, helping us with day to day tasks:

  • Bulk Image Edit: we can compress, resize, crop, canvas resize, edge crop, trim, convert png to jpg images and put a watermark. It is paid by credits bought in advance.

  • Bulk Product Edit: time saver for people who work with many products. Multiple options to edit and manage products in bulk, even scheduling option available. Could get a bit confusing but an excellent thing to have to change or even add specific text products all at once.

  • HelpCenter – Build an Attractive FAQs Page: not the best looking but easy to manage and it is free.

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