I was a 'skinny-fat'  boy which has an outcome of having every day habit eating "bad food" and living unhealthy life in general. However, I always had a dream to look good, but never had enough volition  to continue any kind of sport or even simply  training at home.

One day I decided to follow one of my dreams, to study in London. I moved in a city of England and after some time decided just simply  join a gym without any particular purpose but still with a hidden intention to look better, feel better and believe that it might help to relieve an every day stress. Slowly I discovered that the active life I have started is giving me more benefits and positive feelings, I felt more confident in general. I have to admit it wasn't easy at the beginning, it required strength and volition. But I never gave up, I was keep going towards a different perception to life and wellbeing itself, because I had a strong believe  and a desire to feel better, to look better. It builded  in visible results, the outcome  of my dream became "visible", I felt and looked  so much better. I didn't want to stop. Walking step by step along the active life I realised it became a part of me, it became my passion. I have started study  about nutrition and training, later I added supplementation. It took me quite a while to learn and discover the right and suitable methods to find a balance of fit look and healthy eating. My aim lead me to a thought to compete and take a step into professional  fitness industry.

Persuasion and strong believe in strength a gained from "never give up" attitude awarded me with a wish to compete to Miami Pro show for the Fitness Model under 75kg in October 2013. No-one believed, but I did from all of my being. It took me 10 month of hard work and strength of pushing myself as hard as I possibly could towards my dream. It was the most challenging and hardest time of my life preparing for that competition. It gave me the greatest experience I could ever imagine. 

And my dream came true.. I placed the 1st in my category.  I felt unconditional satisfaction and happiness.. And even stronger believe that there is nothing impossible!