First of all, before you, all Hillary supporters start attacking me hear me out! Read all blog and watch all videos linked till the end and after I'm yours to attack... Discussing politics even with closest to me is difficult. The reason why some of my relatives if could, they would vote for Hillary are that Trump is sexist, "look at his face", "he sounds like insane", "he will start a war" and "I support Hillary no matter what"... (Door slams) Honestly, I hate if people vote with an emotion and no any reason behind it. I would love if we could discuss rationally with ideas, facts... Thankfully some people started to change an opinion on Clinton. Even media can not paint Hillary beautifully anymore after the latest news!

So, I don't support Trump, I don't even like him that much, but I do dislike Hillary Clinton even more... I do read and follow political events closely, even too much I would say... I'm quite aware of Donald J Trump being arrogant, grabbing a woman by the p*ssy, Trumps University, tax issue and stuff like this. But these are not reasons to favour Killary oh sorry Hillary. So out of two bad once I choose less bad, and these are the reasons why. Finally, I don't have to explain (and there is so much to explain) why I support Trump. I could just send the link and say "Here it is, read it!".

Most people don't make decisions based on facts, data or evidence; they decide with their gut and once they've come to a conclusion about someone it becomes almost impossible to change that opinion. We are all guilty of having some level of confirmation bias; when we firmly believe something we selectively weight evidence that supports your conclusion and ignore evidence that refutes it no matter how factually correct either might be.

2016 US Election Results: Donald Trump won

Donald Trump won the presidency 20 electoral votes still available. Updated 12-Nov-2016

Media Manipulation

According to polls, slightly more than half of all eligible American voters do not find her trustworthy. People do not like if can not trust. We have plenty of information available, about Hillary, but not many people spend time looking, informing and talking on this unless it does involve someone saying p*ssy... The problem is people do not critically think and look for information to make own decision without being afraid to be called sexist or any other word used these days. Media gives information what is suitable for them and their supported party. Latest poll shows media trust is at all time low (below 32%)

"During the primary election, Debbie Wasserman Shultz deliberately tried to tip the primary election toward Hillary and away from Bernie Sanders. This was exposed in the Democratic National Committee WikiLeaks and forced the resignation of Shultz as head of the DNC." -



I don't think there is something wrong with changing opinion, but you have to say I have changed my mind because... People will understand and will take this as positive rather then flip-flopping. The worse she is doing she is pretending to never change opinion and stand for it.

"For those on the far left, she is the only candidate running of either party that actively helped get America into Iraq. With her decision to cast a vote in favour of the use of military force, and her forceful support for it, she actively helped make that happen.  With her vote, she was even more involved in getting us into Iraq than Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz. She is unique among all candidates in that she voted for it. Many think her support of the use of military force in Iraq was a key reason she ultimately lost the Democratic nomination in 2008. She is also seen by many on the left as tainted by big-money and Wall St ties. She is also someone who has flip-flopped about a great many things, from the war in Iraq to gay marriage to free trade to money in politics." - Quora, Steve Murch

"Hillary Clinton said she has what she likes to call the ‘basket of deplorables’. These are half of Trump supporters whom she thinks are sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, or Islamophobic. Hillary Clinton says the Trans Pacific Partnership is” the Gold Standard of Trade Agreements” except when she is talking to Bernie Sanders supporters. Hillary Clinton has said that she has both a public and a private position." -


Benghazi Scandal

"To this voter, she was offensively flip with her "what difference does it make?!" feigned indignation -- clearly, the details of how and why the Benghazi attack happened matter,because they can inform our efforts to prevent similar events in the future." - QuoraSteve Murch


Vote Fraud

“It was put in the system in 2001 but it came into wide use in 2006,” Harris said. “It took someone with a special set of skills to know what to look for.” - Info Wars 


Server Bleached Scandal

I'm quite a "techy" guy, and I know if once deleted I can restore files from the computer or server quit easily using software. But not when it is intentionally deleted... How does it work? If you delete a file, you don't delete you just make it available to be used if you need that space. So I could recover a file if it was deleted, sometimes even five times (deleted and copied on the top). You have to intentionally delete and copy random data for a lot of times (20+) to make sure no one could recover; this is often called "shredding files."

"Hillary Clinton had her own email server inside her home that was used by President Bill Clinton. This server was managed by a Colorado Company and employees who did not have the proper government security clearances. The FBI gave immunity to numerous people surrounding this email server including those who managed the server. Despite the immunity deals, no charges have been made which raises the question, what information was exchanged for everyone’s immunity? Many of Hillary’s email devices were supposedly smashed by a hammer during an extensive email cleanup process." -

"The story provides a few new details but mostly serves as an extended roundup. Taken all together it’s fairly damning: Whether or not she actually broke the law, the story suggests that her decision to circumvent the State Department’s official email system entirely (she conducted all of her email correspondence through her private address via an unsecured Blackberry) while serving as Secretary of State was, at minimum, legally dubious. And even if Clinton didn’t break the law, the decisions that she and her senior staff made reveal serious errors in judgment, as well a general sense of disdain on her part for transparency and accountability. It is a story that perfectly captures all of the reasons that people don’t trust her.

Let's start with the legal question. According to The Post, various specialists interviewed for the story said her practices didn’t fulfill government records requirements. In particular, Jason Baron, the former litigation director at the National Archives and Records Administration—someone, in other words, whose job is to know the finer points of government records retention requirements and make legal judgments about them—told a Senate committee that "the setting up of and maintaining a private email network as the sole means to conduct official business by email, coupled with the failure to timely return email records into government custody, amounts to actions plainly inconsistent with the federal recordkeeping laws." Saying that Clinton’s behavior was "plainly inconsistent" with federal laws sounds an awful lot like a long way of saying that it was illegal." -

"With her "hard choice" to spin up a separate email server, she was to laterknowingly flout the law at least once with respect to not fully responding to Congressional subpoenas and potentially unlawfully transmitting/receiving classified information. Even if we believe her too-clever-by-half justification of it, she concluded her own desire for convenience trumped the public's right to their documents. In her answers and non-answers on the matter, her spin treats us like idiots." - QuoraSteve Murch


Polygraph, Tapes

"In 1975, Hillary Clinton — then known as Hillary Rodham — taught at the University of Arkansas School of Law, where she founded the University of Arkansas School Legal Aid Clinic. It was during this time that she defended Thomas Alfred Taylor, a 41-year-old man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl.

In her book “Living History,” Clinton recalls that Mahlon Gibson, a Washington County prosecutor, told her that the accused rapist “wanted a woman lawyer” to defend him, and that Gibson had recommended Clinton to Judge Maupin Cummings. “I told Mahlon I really didn’t feel comfortable taking on such a client, but Mahlon gently reminded me that I couldn’t very well refuse the judge’s request.”

Gibson corroborated Clinton’s story in a 2014 interview with CNN." -


Woman Rights

Do I have to explain what kind of rights are in Saudi Arabia and Qatar? She is funded by the same people who abuse women's rights the most...!

"The World Economic Forum ranked Saudi Arabia near the bottom in its 2015 Global Gender Gap Index, with the country falling at 134 out of 145 countries. And it was only in December 2015 that Saudi women finally got the right to vote and run for office—and even then only in municipal elections.

But if you want to get a sense of just how ludicrous lives for Saudi women can be, ask Royal Brunei Airlines.

When Captain Sharifah Czarena Surainy piloted a Royal Brunei Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia last month, she did so with an all-female flight crew, including Senior First Officer Dk Nadiah Pg Khashiem and Senior First Officer Sariana Nordin. It was a celebration of Brunei’s 32nd independence day, and it was the first time Brunei Airlines had an all-women crew pilot a flight." -



Hillary Smears Generation of Black Men as "Super Predators" Who Must Be Brought "To Heel."


Health Problems

If she is seriously sick, is she fit for presidency?

"This weekend, Hillary Clinton had a very public stumble, and even the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza admitted her health had become a major campaign issue (one week after dismissing the issue out of hand). The video of her fainting after the 9/11 memorial ceremony went viral, but even that video is one in a long list of public struggles Clinton has had with her health.

To be fair, anyone at age 68 (69 in October) would likely have some kind of ongoing chronic medical condition, and Donald Trump likely has at least one of his own. That being said, the list of Clinton's health maladies is long and publicly documented. It involves a number of recurring themes, especially blood clots and coughing fits. Many of her maladies are likely time-limited, and there is no guarantee that she still suffers from her 2012 concussion, for example.

Here is the list of public health struggles Clinton has had, in chronological order, since 1998. Ultimately, the voters must decide whether or not these threaten her suitability for the presidency." -

  1. A "potentially fatal" blood clot in 1998.

  2. February 1, 2005: Clinton faints during campaign speech.

  3. June 17, 2009: A massive elbow fracture.

  4. 2009: A second blood clot, "deep vein thrombosis."

  5. January 12, 2011: Clinton stumbles boarding plane.

  6. December 15, 2012: The concussion.

  7. December 31, 2012: The third blood clot.

  8. January 24, 2013: Fresnel lenses to prevent "seeing double."

  9. May 14, 2014: Bill says the recovery took six months.

  10. July 31, 2015: Bardack's letter and statement.

  11. October 22, 2015: A coughing fit at the Benghazi hearing.

  12. February 16, 2016: Coughing fit in New York.

  13. July 21, 2016: A seizure on camera?!

  14. September 5, 2016: Another coughing fit on stage.

For details go to


Accomplishments and Speeches

"For starters, it's not yet clear to me she has any record of accomplishment. Honestly, what are her real, lasting accomplishments from her decades of service? Does any legislation or diplomatic agreement stand out?  I'm not talking about travel, or "speaking out", or speeches... I'm asking for accomplishments.  Seems reasonable to expect at least one per decade -- so what are three key accomplishments that stand out for her?" - QuoraSteve Murch


Hillary Could Trigger WWIII

"The Obama, Clinton foreign policy from 2009 to 2013 led to many disastrous situations in the future including widespread violence in the middle east and mainly Iraq. When they prematurely pulled American troops out of a stable region, the entire area fell apart and created a vacuum. They should have stayed in Iraq no matter what the Iraqis had to say about it. Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State during the rise of ISIS after our early troop withdrawal. Hillary was Secretary of State during the fall of Muammar Gadhafi. ISIS now has cells growing throughout Lybia. Hillary Clinton used the “Reset Button” to reset relations with Russia. Now, Russia is adding surface to air missile systems in Syria and around Poland, the relations between the U.S. and Russia have deteriorated, and hundreds of thousands of people have died in Syria while millions of others have migrated, disrupting the economic stability in neighboring countries. Right after Hillary stepped down as Secretary of State, Russia invaded Ukraine and still holds it to this day with its eye on the Baltic Sea." -

"In her most consequential vote as US Senator, she strongly supported the invasion of Iraq under the George W. Bush administration. Now, it'd be hypocritical of me to fault her on this one -- given the information provided at the time and alternative perceived risks, I too supported this, as did leaders like Tony Blair, Colin Powell and many others. But own it! Those considering her need to acknowledge this vote, as it was her biggest decision on behalf of Americans made thus far. One cannot simultaneously think she walks on water, yet excoriate the Iraq invasion as the work of others, pretending she was uninvolved. She voted in favor of it. More than any other candidate of either party who is running, she actively helped make it happen.

Her record while Secretary of State is full of naivete and missed opportunities. Her "Russian reset" strategy, naively conceived and comically rolled-out, has to now be seen as an abject failure. She was at the helm of the State Department during the Arab Spring and the Iranian Green Revolution -- two major missed opportunities.  We fumbled the "peace", such as it was, in Iraq and let the prime minister there run roughshod over the Sunni population, fomenting unrest. We dramatically underestimated the rise of ISIS on her watch. She backed the "lead from behind" ouster of Ghaddafi, and now militants are swimming in the former US embassy swimming pool. Her leadership before, during, and immediately after the Benghazi tragedy certainly isn't a stellar one." - QuoraSteve Murch



"During an introduction to a foreign policy speech on Iraq on March 17, 2008, Sen. Hillary Clinton reminisced about her days as first lady and a trip to Tuzla, Bosnia, she made in March 1996.

"I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base."

But that's not what happened, as demonstrated by CBS News video that shows Clinton arriving on the tarmac under no visible duress, and greeting a child who offers her a copy of a poem. The Washington Post Factchecker also turned a skeptical eye on Clinton's comments, reporting that a review of more than 100 news stories from the time documented no security threats to the First Lady." -


Conspiracy: Clinton Body Count

You decide if it is conspiracy or not...





KKK endorses Trump. You can not help who endorse you. How about who fund you? 20% funds to Clinton Foundation is by biggest woman abuses, no other than Saudi Arabia.

Woman harasser. He was saying woman lets you grab here by the p*ssy, but not "force her" to do it. Still not cool, I understand but all it was just with a joke spin. He started  something like I need a Tic Tac because (I can not stop but start kissing her...). Who does not talk like this? Even woman talk about the size of the mans "thing". Do you still remember Monica Lewinsky? Do you still remember other woman's which was harassed by Clintons family? Hillary joked about passing polygraph test of the raper. So many women drop the charges of Donald Trump raping them just before/after the election. Again, Hillary receives funds from Saudi and other "interesting" personas.


Did I miss anything? Just think about this is only what we know... How much stuff we don't know... I'm so sad and angry that government are so corrupt!

Just a thought. Bernie Sanders wanted to fight corruption! Did he take it back endorsement to Hillary?

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