What is it like to work at the tech/delivery start-up Quiqup?

Firstly let Tim Linssen, Head of Product and Co-Founder at Quiqup, explains in his own words what Quiqup is, for those who don’t know yet.

Quiqup is on demand delivery platform that enable businesses to deliver from their local stores to their customers. We do this both by offering them the goods to come online and to empower their own platform so that they deliver to their customers. So the long, the vision is to empower high street retailers to use their local stock in their high street remit they more to deliver to their local environment and say compete with traditional e-commerce.” – Tim Linssen, Head of Product and C-Founder at Quiqup

I had joint Quiqup in June 2017 due to changes in my life circumstances and was looking for new challenges and opportunities. I felt like I stagnated in one position for too long, working in the security sector and needed something new to keep growing mentally. I had some projects on board at the time before joining this rapidly growing on-demand delivery start-up based in London, but I wanted something new and especially in E-Commerce field where I had a passion for, expanding knowledge by the day and hands-on experiences such as managing and building websites including SEO.

I am really enjoying relaxed and friendly environment at Quiqup. We all have a lot of fun here and managing to do a great job at the peak or during other busy unexpected events. Since day one, I felt like this is the right company to stick with for the reasons such as everyone’s opinion was important, and we all have a chance to shape and change the company with the right idea. We continuously use Slack for sharing and discussing ideas. We created a #market-intelligent channel to keep us all in the loop in the rapidly changing logistics delivery market. People are welcomed to join various meetings and groomings to share each other’s perspective.

When I say “being heard”, I mean it. We had a lot of snow in London which is quite rare, and on top of that, it was quite cold. I was talking to our driver called Quiqee that he was very called and shaking as he was a bike courier. I felt sorry for him, so thought of an idea like would be nice if we bring a tea and coffee, dry clothes to change, some snacks in the London city, easy reachable to our busy couriers. The idea was not lost, and even next day our fleet manager has arranged all of this in our temporary fleet office in London Bridge.

I was one of the people who continually expressed an opinion about improving a pay structure for our Quiqees, and now we are looking into introducing improved and in my opinion more fair pay for every job, like how many items in the order, more accurate distance travelled pay, zone and hybrid pay.

I consider myself highly process oriented and suggested multiple feature requests to implement and most of them have been deployed, are in the feature to do list or in development as I write this blog post.

I have couple projects on board such as improving SEO for Quiqup to make us more visible on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo and redesigning jobs page to make our job more efficient and easier in the Customer Support department.

Another valuable program we have is an open policy for inside recruitment first before going externally as we feel that people need to be acknowledged for hard work and it will build a loyal employee base if someone will be promoted for hard work or at least have a chance. Who does not love cookies or “Qooqies”? 🙂

I love Quiqup and everything we do. I feel like we are on the right track to grow and overtake the highly competitive last-mile food delivery and other types of products market. While we grow and overcome all obstacles, we will have an enormous amount of fun and be going to build lasting relationships with other amazing colleagues in the company. Our journey may go separate ways at some point but I feel like we will keep in touch for a long time as we are building strong relationships here. Quiqup has managed to get awesome people onboard with all unique backgrounds, experience and different skill sets to bring us all forward and beyond.

Are there any negatives? Of course, like everywhere, but positives out waves negatives by large so not sure if even worth talking about it. For as long as I will feel valued, needed and challenged professionally, I will stick with an amazing company called QUIQUP!

Want to join the club? Quiqup is hiring… 

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