What is fitness?

Fitness is an approach to build a new way of wellbeing. Working together will impart you a detailed conception of the relationship between activity and food we choose to eat every day. I will give you all possible guidelines and share with you the knowledge and experience I gained to help you exceed all your needs.

What to expect?

I will be granted with full information about nutrition, training strategies and other important aspects, which gives you a deep understanding of benefits you will get, reaching your goal. I will explain you in detail why and how you should follow the approach of fitness lifestyle. After cosulting together you will be comfortable to train by yourself, to choose the right food and  supplements. You will acquire all the confidence to achieve your aim, to reach the highest possible satisfactory level and to make further progress.


Avoid Pain and Disease. Being healthy is meaning ‘disease-free’. That is one of  the main reasons to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. Healthy means, no heart disease, no diabetes, no high-blood pressure and no respiratory diseases. It also means healthy joints, strong bones and good vision. Most of the maladies that affect humans can be prevented by living healthy.

Money Saving: To be taken bad can be very expensive! As most people know, many times paying off medical bills, including medication, any needed medical treatment can lead to all sorts of financial problems. Being unwell can cause a long term outcome, which leads to a limited ability to work or keep your work.

Healthy Food and Right Supplementation. It is an investment, which gives you a long term benefits! That is your health. If you stay healthy and fit, you will be productive,  full of energy and strong to cope with any kind of work or daily duties. And everyday ends with accomplishment, satisfaction and happiness

Quality Sleep and Stress Relief. Wellbeing creates a natural remedy for quality sleep which demands a rest for your body and mind to recover. Endorphins (happiness hormone released in brain) are created as a product of exercise, which has a calming effect on your body and mind. It makes you feel happy and naturally heals the stress.

Strength. Your heart gets stronger from consistent cardiovascular exercise, strength training will reward you by shaping itself to better proportions and increases your strength. That is important, especially for your core because it stabilizes your body and protects you from injury.

Sex Life Improvement. Regular physical activity will leave you feeling energized and looking better, which will have a positive effect on your sex life. Physical activity will lead to enhanced arousal for women. And men who exercise regularly are less likely to have problems with erectile dysfunction, than are men who don’t exercise.

Longer Life. You will spend happy and  quality time with your family and someone you love.

Increases Confidence. Good appearance and happiness increases your confidence in all aspects of life. Going for an important job interview or meeting someone special for a first date.

Inspiration. There will be someone at the other end of the room who becomes inspired to change life too just like you!

Increases your Salary. In a new study published in the June 2012 issue of the Journal of Labor Research, researchers have found that employees who regularly exercise, earn 9% more than their lazier counterparts.


A training program is designed to your personal fitness goal, availability: to suit your lifestyle and physical ability: regardless to your age or gender.

I will look deeply into your starting point so you could achieve the most in the shortest period of time. It is very important to follow the program as much as possible e.g., warm up, stretching and cooling down to prevent injuries, accelerate muscle growth, improve posture and increase energy.

There are no ‘magic’ programmes; you still need to work hard and give your best, you possibly can to achieve results.

A nutrition plan is designed to your fitness goal and taste. By experimenting we will find what works and suits best for you. There is no plan, which is suitable for all. Everybody is different, there are different types of bodies and different metabolism systems, therefore we will find the best nutrition strategy most suitable personally for you.

By working closely together we could understand the needs of your body better and develop a plan which could suit your lifestyle and build up your new healthy habits.

Supplements could help to achieve goals once training and nutrition is perfectly combined.

How does it work?

  1. Choose a consultation package and reserve your space. Wait for a questionnaire, normally no more than 24 hours.
  2. Fill out questionnaire (about 20-40 questions depending on a package).
  3. Arrange the date and time for a consultation call, to discuss everything regarding Coaching Package. Prepare questions in a mean time for coaching package.


  • To evaluate your goal, find your mistakes (if any) and find areas you need special attention.
  • Create program and/or plan to meet your current fitness level for your INDIVIDUAL goal which could be achieved in the possible shortest period of time.
  • Design and explain program/plan with a minimum risk to injure/harm yourself.
  • Help you to avoid ALL possible mistakes in achieving your goal.
  • Save you money by recommending food and supplements to benefit your health and body.
  • Motivate you during hard times at all stages either muscle building, fat burning, by explaining how body works.
  • Answer any question you have right a way or as soon as I find out an answer.
  • Be available for a chat or call at the most convenient time for you.
  • Teach and explain you best I’m capable of, so after working together you will be able to train by yourself. You will be fully aware of  everything you need to know to reach, keep and exceed your goals.


  • Be honest, I can help you only if you letting us to help you. Follow instructions as much as possible, which means, work hard and smart, eat healthy, sleep well and be happy… 😉


I enjoyed the training because I was provided with the full information of how to start and how to end the exercises. I found out it is essential to warm up before every training to reduce the risk of injury. I have received full information and guidance how to perform the exercises to train in most efficient way. I was very satisfied to be trained by Asta and I’m recommending to all of my friends.

Hi, i had no much over weight, but always wanted to look like guys from fitness, feel better, look better, be in better shape… Friends been teasing me about my belly- i was saying- everything above belt is chest just a litle bit lower than usual:) than i read about Donatas. Ive got inspired by his story, that was a big kick to my ass to change something new… So i tried, i am still moving foward, not giving up yet 🙂


Money Back Guarantee within 60 Days
I’m so certain with your results, that we offer a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee plus you could keep all plans and programs.

I Respect Your Privacy
I will never share any information you have shared with us with a 3rd party unless I have written permission from you.